FLIT is a West Australian software company founded in 2002, to put our passion for computer programming to good use. 

EXEcute is the first product offering from FLit. The idea for the software came from the observation of a power shift from teachers to students in the computer lab environment. We're in a particularly good position to design security software in schools because of our past experience as technicians. We're well aware of the methods used by students to bypass security systems, having seen them first hand.

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When it comes to computers, many schools have problems with their students playing games, surfing through inappropriate websites or generally wasting time on applications irrelevant to the set task. EXEcute is software that aims to keep students on task. EXEcute is a remote administrative tool that monitors student activity and reports back to the teacher workstation. EXEcute can, and will, close any unwanted programs at the teachers discretion.

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QCopy is a file copier designed to assist the user in copying files to or from network locations over wired and wireless connections, although it also works locally. It allows you to queue up any number of files, from any number of locations, and copy them to a specific destination on the fly. You can pause and resume at any time, skip files or save the queue for transfer later.

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EXEcute End of Life

As of July 2016, EXEcute is now end-of-life after over a decade of development and many happy customers. Thanks to everyone who has supported it.

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EXEcute 5.6.0 Major Release

Includes new features and bug fixes since 5.5.940

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EXEcute 5.5.940 Minor Release

Includes new features and bug fixes since 5.5.810

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EXEcute 5.5.810 Minor Release

Includes new features and bug fixes since 5.5.740

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