When it comes to computers, many schools have problems with their students playing games, surfing through inappropriate websites or generally wasting time on applications irrelevant to the set task. EXEcute is software that aims to keep students on task. EXEcute is a remote administrative tool that monitors student activity and reports back to the teacher workstation. EXEcute can, and will, close any unwanted programs at the teachers discretion.

EXEcute is designed to be extremely useful for both teachers and network managers. Network managers will find that EXEcute will provide a way to monitor student's use of network resources on a higher level than teachers would need to. Network managers can use EXEcute to thwart malicious students and prevent high bandwidth software from impacting the overall speed of the network.

How does EXEcute work?

When a student is detected as being off-task, they are reported to the teacher through an alert system. From there it’s up to the teacher to decide what action is to be taken. If the activity is part of research for an assignment, the teacher can leave it running. If the student is playing games, or viewing inappropriate material however, the teacher can remotely close the program or website. This system gives the teacher control over what content their students view. After the initial setup, the system can automatically block programs without intervention.

Key Benefits

  • Leads to fewer cases of student misbehaviour
  • Provides a powerful gateway to manage very large numbers of PCs over complex network configurations
  • Fewer computer and network resources wasted
  • Records activity to track repeat offenders
  • Simplifies supervision with less disruption to teaching time

EXEcute has provided a way for teachers and information technologists to supervise student computer use in an unobtrusive and careful way, without indiscriminately invading the students’ personal workspace

Janet Scott, Teacher Librarian, Applecross Senior High School

EXEcute End of Life

As of July 2016, EXEcute is now end-of-life after over a decade of development and many happy customers. Thanks to everyone who has supported it.

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EXEcute Testimonial

EXEcute has been in use at Applecross Senior High School since 2004. EXEcute has provided a way for teachers and information technologists to supervise student computer use in an unobtrusive…

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EXEcute Features

A variety of useful and intuitive features allow EXEcute to support both teacher and administrative operation without training.

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