EXEcute Features

A variety of useful and intuitive features allow EXEcute to support both teacher and administrative operation without training.

Icon View

    Effortless User Interface

    EXEcute has a shortcut menu interface which is both intuitive and robust. EXEcute can be used by any teacher without training.

    • Monitors may be blanked while locking the mouse and keyboard

    • Removable drives such as USB keys and MP3 players are detected

    • Messages can be sent to one or more students with support for templates included

    • Time stamped screenshots may be used as evidence for disciplinary actions taken

    Window Previews

    The detailed view, together with the thumbnail feature shows the supervisor exactly what they need to see to determine if the student is off task.

    • View all open windows along with their icon, process and URL

    Screens View

    Custom Views

    EXEcute supports icon, screen and list views to streamline monitoring of large numbers of PCs.

    • Large monitors can display up to 200 machines without scrolling

    • Screen thumbnails update regularly and are adjustable in size

    List View

    Student Records

    Keep track of student behaviour and insert commentary. Real-time notifications are sent to the supervisor.

    • Records are kept for each user detailing blocked applications and websites.

    • Custom comments may be added to user records and are fully centralized.

    • Records can be printed, exported and backed up

    Watchlist System

    Whether you want an alert or auto-block, window title or URL, contains or exact matching - EXEcute can do it.

    • Detect or block any application or website based on window title or address


    Administer Centrally

    All PCs are accessible, grouped and named to your preference, creating a powerful portal for remote support within your network.

    • Any PC can be remote controlled or viewed in real-time.

    • Sorting by fields such as username or top window is available.

    • Machines can be grouped into any number of areas and restricted to particular supervisors.

    • Users can be logged off and machines can be shutdown or restarted.

    Admin Interface

    Robust Network Architecture

    Client and server based system. Works with wired and wireless networks across subnets.

    • EXEcute supports Windows 7 and Windows 10

    • Works across complex network configurations out of the box

    • Built-in anti-tampering can be activated to prevent circumvention

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