EXEcute Testimonial

EXEcute has been in use at Applecross Senior High School since 2004.

EXEcute has provided a way for teachers and information technologists to supervise student computer use in an unobtrusive and careful way, without indiscriminately invading the students’ personal workspace

 Janet Scott, Teacher Librarian, Applecross Senior High School

What do you consider to be its impact on the school environment? 

Students are aware that their computer use is being scrutinised and they will have their privileges and access curtailed or removed completely if they misuse their internet access, or use their computers for anything other than educational purpose.
Our Internet access is expensive and time wasted is money wasted. EXEcute has made for a more professional, studious and safe working environment.

How has EXEcute made your job easier?

All students know the software is installed. Students can then see that we have their screens up on the EXEcute and there are no more arguments about who was not doing the right thing. Student logons are also up on the screen so checking that the access is not being misused is also a great innovation. Consequently we have significantly fewer cases of student misbehaviour, with the disciplinary and bureaucratic procedures this entails.
There is less disruption to teaching time and to classes working in the library.

What are your favourite features of EXEcute?

Besides the easier supervision, we find being able to shut down all the computers from a central machine at the desk the great time-saver. With such a large number of computers spread around the library and the computer laboratory, it used to be an arduous task for staff to shutdown each one. Now it can be done automatically, and staff can do more important tasks.

How often do you use EXEute at work?

Every day, throughout the school day, EXEcute is left running on the library staff machines. When an incident occurs e.g. the software picks up game playing, or a teacher feels a student is at an inappropriate site, we can check it out without disturbing the student or the class.

Janet Scott
B.A.; Dip Ed; Grad. Dip. Applied Science
Teacher Librarian

EXEcute Features

A variety of useful and intuitive features allow EXEcute to support both teacher and administrative operation without training.

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