QCopy is a file copier designed to assist the user in copying files to or from network locations over wired and wireless connections, although it also works locally. It allows you to queue up any number of files, from any number of locations, and copy them to a specific destination on the fly. You can pause and resume at any time, skip files or save the queue for transfer later.

All you need to do is install QCopy, then either drag & drop files into the list or right click in Explorer and 'Send To - QCopy'. It's as simple as that and it's also completely free and always will be. We'll probably be adding a few more features and settings as time goes on but the current version is fully functional. You may redistribute it in binary form as much as you like and even use it for commercial purposes.

Download the Latest Version (1.0.2)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is Required